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Michigan Behavioral Consultants welcomes you.  Our staff consists of specialists who are trained  in the diagnosis and treatment for the psychological needs of individuals who are dealing with chronic medical conditions.

Behavioral medicine deals with how thoughts and behavior impact health and disease.  Psychologists and Social Workers address issues of stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotions which impact your overall health.  Behaviors such as over-eating, smoking, alcohol and drug use are evaluated and treated in coordination with your physicians, physical therapists, and other care providers.  Behavioral medicine is the science which uses a mind-body approach to health and illness.  What you think and what you do can have a powerful impact on how you feel.

Chronic pain and other chronic diseases result in grief, anger, stress, anxiety, and depression.  Counseling to help you deal with these problems can help change the quality of your life and get you back in control.  Group and individual therapy, family therapy, biofeedback, and relaxation approaches help.  Motivation to change unhealthy habits and lifestyles is often difficult.  Our therapists will help you identify problem areas and find a pathway to your goals.  The problem of chronic pain isn't all in your head...but some of the answers may be!

Each individual is interviewed and evaluated before a specific behavioral medicine treatment plan is suggested.  As this is not a treatment that is "done to you" patients will have the opportunity to become actively involved with this process.  If requested, our staff will work closely with primary care physicians or medical specialists in an effort to coordinate treatment.

Our mission at Michigan Behavioral Consultants is to offer hope and relief to those suffering from any medical or psychological condition that produces chronic pain.  Please take a few minutes to review our behavioral medicine services on this website and discover how better choices can lead to better health.  It could change your life.

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